Esphand Incense || Peganum harmala || Syrian Rue

Esphand Incense || Peganum harmala || Syrian Rue

Latin Name: Peganum harmala
Common Name: Syrian rue, Wild rue
Family: Nitrariaceae
Origin: Middle East. Lovingly made Nimbin
Size: 50g

Availability: 2 in stock


Availability: 2 in stock


Esphand is a plant which has been highly regarded by humans for thousands of years and distrubuted widely accross the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. It’s use in the Middle East can be traced to pre-Zoroastrian times, and evidence for it’s use can be found in many regions including Ancient Egypt, Persia and Greece, with some evidence suggesting it may be the elusive Soma. It is still used today in the folk medicine traditions of the Middle East and North Africa for a range of applications, where it is often considered a protective and magickal plant, and often burned as an incense.

It is predominantly the seeds that are used for this purpose, and also to create a deep red dye called Turkish Red.

As an empowered and sovereign being, please conduct your own research, or consult your health practitioner, before deciding whether a herb is the right plant for you right now, and ensure there will be no interactions with any medications you may be using. If you are self-medicating, and have any worsening of symptoms, please stop use of the herb and seek the advice of a qualified professional.

This product has not been evaluated by the TGA for safe internal use. It is sold as a raw botanical product for ethnobotanical research purposes only.


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