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We stock only the highest quality plants and natural preparations available. After all, a medicine can only be as powerful as the starting material. A plant or fungi is best utilised as fresh, alive and as untouched by the hand of man or machine as possible. This helps to capture and preserve the life force from the living organism; the spirit of the plant. It is through this life force that the healing wisdom is transmitted.

We focus on community-minded projects, to cultivate sustainable relating.

Many of our products are grown in our own nurseries & gardens, cultivated under permaculture principles and supported by synergist plant, fungi & bacterial allies. The neural-network of the interconnected kingdom of nature is tapped into a self regulatory system of sustenance. We draw from this power source in our approach to living & healing.

Synergy in the wholesome. Perfection in nature.

We therefore use whole & fresh plant extractions where-ever humanly possible as there are often many beneficial components to a plant that are compromised when standardised & isolated. The spirit of the plant is more accessible in a digestible, yet raw form. This is the ethos of our products. A balance between removing any interference between plant & person, and delivering a potent supportive medicine.

Healing is our journey, and nature is our guide.

Rachel Maree

Creator & Director of EntheoBotanica

“I have come to understand herbal medicine as a part of mankind’s placement and movement across the land. Not just a remedy; a complex relationship that weaves us into the Earth’s soil. That we are by extension an enfooted plant and an embodied microbe. Likewise a plant, an Earthed human.”

Rachel Maree is a Western Herbal Medicine therapist, facilitator of rites of passage, forager, medicine maker, traditional body worker and musician. Co-founder of Mulai Lagi Iboga, an addiction interruption and psychospiritual retreat service in Australasia utilising Eboka for initiation purposes, she works with matters of healing and sickness, utilising relationship and herbal medicine as a mechanism of reconnection with the Self.

She has been initiated into the Bwiti sect Mabanji, a living and growing feminine Gabonese tradition that utilises Iboga as a sacrament of transition and embodiment teacher. Her interest in ethnobotany has led her to pockets of Indigenous cultures across the globe to learn from their relationships with plants, including their use of specific styles of music for enhanced communication & integration whilst in shamanic spaces. She works from the Sunshine Coast, Australia, as a health practitioner, teacher, and musician. She has studied Western Herbal Medicine & traditional bodywork, and runs the online plant medicine platform EntheoBotanica, as well as being the creator of the herbalist conference Rebel Herbal.


Iboga Rites of Passage Facilitator & Co-founder of Mulai Lagi Iboga
Iboga Rites of Passage Facilitator & Co-founder of Mulai Lagi Iboga
Journey worker, Space-holder & Musician
Journey worker, Space-holder & Musician
Kambo Frog Medicine Practitioner

Mexico GITA Kambo Training 2017


Traditional Western Herbalist
Adv. Dip. Western Herbal Medicine ACNT 2018
ZenThai Shiatsu Therapist

ZenThai Shiatsu Level 1 Practitioner 2019

ZenThai Shiatsu Level 2 Fluid Flow 2020

ZenThai Shiatsu Belly Work Organ Massage 2020

ZenThai Flow Teacher
ZenThai Flow Bali Teacher Training 2020
ZenThai Flow Movement Teacher

ZenThai Flow Movement Teacher

5 Elements Acupressure Level 1
John Kirkwood Ninderry 2021

Akin To Nature

The Principles of Natural Medicine

Primum Non Nocere

All therapeutic actions should be complementary to & synergistic with the body’s own healing process. Utilise the most natural, least invasive, & least toxic therapies.

Vis Mediatrix Naturae

Trust in the inherent wisdom & power of the body to heal itself. The healing process is ordered & intelligent; nature heals through the response of the life force.

Tolle Causam

Symptoms express the bodies attempt to heal, & should not merely be suppressed. Look beyond the symptoms to the underlying root cause.

Tolle Totum

 View the body as an integrated whole with physical, mental, emotional & spiritual aspects. The harmonious functioning of these aspects is essential for healing.


The practitioner’s role is to educate the patient to take responsibility over their own health. The doctor-patient relationship acts to enable the patient to heal themselves.

Prevention is the best cure

The ultimate goal of health care is to prevent sickness. Building health works better than curing dis-ease. Focus on overall health, wellness & vitality as dis-ease prevention.

The Principles of Permaculture

The greatest yield for the least change

The low maintenance approach, where small changes are met with less resistance than large overhauls.

Work with nature not against it

Observe the natural forces, pressures and elements to assist rather than impede natural developments.

The yield is theoretically unlimited

The only limit is of the information and the imagination of the designer.

Everything gardens

Everything has an effect on and modifies its environment.

The problem is the solution

Perspective. Everything has a positive use, it is only how we see things that makes them advantageous or not.

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