Scalp Fertiliser || Ayurvedic Inspired Hair & Scalp Oil

Scalp Fertiliser || Ayurvedic Inspired Hair & Scalp Oil

Product name: Scalp Fertiliser
Ingredients: Olive oil, Castor oil, Black Sesame oil, Grapeseed oil, Centella asiatica, Bacopa monniera, Emblica officinalis, Urtica dioica, Equisetum arvense & Ascophylum nodosum, Vitamin E oil, & Essential oils of Lavandula angustifolia, Cedrus atlantica & Rosmarinus officinalis.
Origin: Lovingly made on the Sunshine Coast
Size: 100mL

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A rich and nourishing blend of Ayurvedvia & Western herbs infused into oils to deeply moisturise & protect the skin on the scalp, lessen dandruff, and may even inhance hair growth. Apply over the scalp and leave in for as long as you can. This might be for a couple of hours, overnight, or you can wash it out with water after a few minutes in the shower. The longer the better infusion. These oils can then penerate into the mind to soothe aggrevated vata (air/wind or mental tension), making the mind heavier and closer to the earth.

You can even consider using flours to wash out the oil, a traditional method of hair care, using chickpea, rye or rice flour instead of conditioner to wash out without stripping the oils.

Ingredients: Oils from Olive, Castor, Black Sesame & Grapeseed slowly infused with Gotu Kola, Bacopa, Amla, Nettle, Horsetail & Kelp with  high tocopherol Vitamin E oil, and essential oils of Lavender, Cedarwood & Rosemary.

Please conduct a patch test before using any plant that you are meeting for the first time, in case of an allergenic response.

Please store in a cool dark place, out of sunlight, heat & air exposure.

As an empowered and sovereign being, please conduct your own research, or consult your health practitioner, before deciding whether a herb is the right plant for you right now, and ensure there will be no interactions with any medications you may be using. If you are self-medicating, and have any worsening of symptoms, please stop use of the herb and seek the advice of a qualified professional.


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