Palo Santo Resin || Bursera graveolens || Incense

Palo Santo Resin || Bursera graveolens || Incense

Latin name: Bursera graveolens
Common name: Palo Santo / Holy Stick
Family: Burseraceae
Origin: Ecuador. Lovingly made Nimbin
Part Used: Resin
Size: 14g, 28g

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Availability: 1 in stock


The resin from the Bursera graveolens tree is used in Southern Americas for ceremonial and medicinal purposes.

Resins are highly refined medicines, the blood and waters of the plant. Resins tend to work with the more subtle fields that permeate all things. The honey of a bee hive, the golden ore, the bloods of our bodies. Life force medicine.

Throughout the Central & South Americas, this sacred tree is used in rituals and as folk medicine. The wood is rich in the terpenes limonene and α-terpineol. The vapour is purifying and immediately generates a clearing effect.

Palo santo is also medicinal, and the aroma could be used for aiding in clearing the sinus from a common cold or flu, coughs, respiratory congestion, asthma, allergies, or releiving the tension of a headache including stress and anxiety. The smoke can keep insects away as well. Traditionally it is used to clear ‘mala energía’; bad energy.

These fragrant trees are considered at risk due to overharvesting of young stock. Hence this resin is collected from an intentional plantation in Ecuador. It means the supply is intermittant & seasonal, as most precious resources are not available year round.

It has a sweet, woody & fragrant smell when burned as an incense.

This product is 100% pure, organic resin pieces.

Please store in a cool dark place, out of sunlight, heat & air exposure.

As an empowered and sovereign being, please conduct your own research, or consult your health practitioner, before deciding whether a herb is the right plant for you right now, and ensure there will be no interactions with any medications you may be using. If you are self-medicating, and have any worsening of symptoms, please stop use of the herb and seek the advice of a qualified professional.

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