Micro Wood Mix Dry Herb || Master adaptogens

Micro Wood Mix Dry Herb || Master adaptogens

Product name: Micro Wood Mix
Ingredients: Ganoderma lingzhi, Ginkgo biloba, Rhodiola rosea, Withania Somnifera, Ghana Wood.
Origin: Lovingly made in the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
Size: 30g

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Out of stock


A synergistic blend of herbal extracts formulated to promote clarity, cognition, awareness, neurogenesis and energy levels. This is a master herbal blend of adaptogens with an intelligent grandfather African teacher mediating the nervous system interaction. It must be used intentionally.

Our Master adaptogen mix may aid in the recovery from substance addictions, nerve damage, neuro-degenerative conditions and persistant chronic fatigue from an acute viral load. It may help to reprogram the mind from deeply stuck behaviours, especially when used in combination with intentional therapies.

Ingredients: Reishi 10:1 extract, Ginkgo, Ashwaghanda, Rhodiola, Wood Root Bark

DO NOT COMBINE WITH OPIATES OR STIMULANTS.  The herbs will build in the system so take breaks between dosing protocols.


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