Entheobotanica Sticker || Elemental Plant Beings

Entheobotanica Sticker || Elemental Plant Beings

Name: Elemental Plant Being
Origin: Verocoya X Entheobotanica Creation
Size: Approx. 7.5cm wide

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Join the Crew with our new Elemental Plant Being sticker range.

Inspired by the 5 parts of a plant, the Traditional Chinese Medicines 5 elements and interpreted by Canadian artist ‘Verocoya’.

These high quality eco-friendly dye, water safe stickers are a perfect gift to or use to customize your laptop, water bottle or journal.

Are you a Fire Flower, Earth Root, Metal Bark, Water Sap or Wood Leaf Being?

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THE ROOT :: I am grounded in the Earth

This root represents connection to the inner world. It is first principle medicine ; I am. Do you even know what you are? The roots do. They are positioned deep in the Earth, bringing stability and balance. Roots are thoroughly involved in their placement, their direction, and where one ends and another begins. They play this boundary of Self; interweaving root tendrils with fungal hyphae. Making alliances with bacterial allies and trading information & resource, all to the betterment of themselves within a greater network. Plants are good at getting their needs met.

Darwin believed the root brain theory, where the vegetal world ‘thinks’ through its roots; a mind with no one organ. The root hairs might be likened to a swarm neuronal network. 13 million roots. 14 billion root hairs. 6000 miles of ‘thinking’ territory. Each root hair can act as an individual neural organ, utilising a plethora of senses to map the terrain & signal in real time with the major neurotransmitters of GABA, acetylcholine and glutamate to name a few. Collectively, the roots act as a data processing centre, analysing gravity, temperature, humidity, light, electrical fields, pressure, sounds, toxins, chemical gradients, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Roots then make decisions on their movements based on their findings of the world.

The root overlays with the element of the Earth, ruling our middle jiao burner, our appetite, the stomach, spleen and pancreas; key sources of nourishment for our bodies. Earth energy is yin by nature, feminine and inward to the centre. However there are more masculine and yang expressions of the Earth at various times, as nothing is quite so simply one thing, and Earth appears at the change of all seasons. In the IChing, It is represented by the trigram of 3 broken lines; fully receptive. As Earth is caring towards all, healthy boundaries and not being overly sympathetic can be a lesson of this element. The song of the Earth is sweet in flavour, and melodious in sound. It may cling to things when feeling unstable. But we can only cling to gravity pulling us down, and a deeper knowing of who we truly are. The colour of the Earth is golden orange.


THE LEAF :: I am always growing

The leaf represents power. Growing up and reaching out into the world. This part of the plant (along with phylloids which are stems acting as leaves) photosynthesise. This is a function that evolved some 3500 million years ago, from a time when no life forms did this. Enter the algae, turning sun rays into plant Qi. They were so busy photosynthesising that 90% of life forms on Earth died to oxygen toxicity. The power of the Leaf unfolds.

The leaf overlays with the element of the Wood, ruling the liver, the gallbladder and our ability to make big & small decisions respectively. The Wood energy wants to reach out, it is yin (form) expanding into yang (formless). It is a pulse finding rhythm. It takes up space. The general. It rules over Spring time and correlates with the colour green. Functional Wood must be like hollow bamboo, rather than rigid tree trunks that snap in the wind. Be flexible and empty, reaching towards a goal, the Light, being filled by & serving a communal purpose, the Forest, overseeing with clear vision to release fixations. A leaf registers the direction of light changing, and moves towards its goal with focus.

There is great power here.



Root, Leaf, Bark, Flower, Sap, Whole Set

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