White Sage Tincture || Salvia apiana || Sacred Sage

White Sage Tincture || Salvia apiana || Sacred Sage

Latin name: Salvia apiana
Common name: White Sage, Sacred Sage
Family: Lamiaceae
Origin: USA
Part Used: Leaves
Other Ingredients: Pure ethanol 40%, Spring Water
Size: 30mL

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White or sacred sage is a plant native to Southern North America and Northern Mexico, with a history of use by First Nations people in these regions as a ceremonial tool, for cleansing, clearing and protecting. It is said to travel deep into the DNA rooted diseases and work on ancestral issues embedded in the genes.

This plant has a beautiful and rich aromatic, grounding and uplifting scent, and can increase your presence when studying or focusing.

Sage smudging is a technique using the smoke of the plant to cleanse the energy of a person or space, filling the air with a powerful aroma, but it’s not the only way to use sage. It’s no surprise that this plant is used as an upper-respiratory tonic, potentially aiding in sinus congestion, sore throats and colds/flus, all the while clearing the head.

This is a great plant to work with for spiritual cleansing when leading up to journey work, sweat lodge or inner enquiry and cleansing. Utilise it in preparation leading up to the event.

May be useful for gargling in the throat when the throat is sore or astringing gum wounds. As a mucolytic it may thin out sinus congestion of phlegm in the lungs, including as an asthma aid, or tone tissues even in the bowel. Its bitter qualities may aid in digesting fats & supporting the liver. At low doses it can regulate rhythms in the body for women. Its relaxing effects may even support the sleep and unsettled shen in the heart.

The internal dose is very low – only 1-3 drops as a healing agent for the respiratory system regularly either internaly or in a netty pot, and up to 15 drops when treating acutely for 1 week only. This plant is very potent in pungent essential oils including thujone, which if used in high doses can irritate. Symptoms may include an increased heart rate, mental confusion, purging, or kidney complaints.

Caution: Not to be used in pregnancy, lactation, children, discontinue use immediately if worsening of any symptoms

Alcohol extracts are far superior to any other method of extraction. It extracts the most amount of the chemicals compared to any other solvent. It helps the medicine to also diffuse quickly into the bloodstream.

Alcohol is warming and medicine unto itself. To add, it also can esterify vitamins, oils and other medicinal chemicals making them more bioavailable and water soluble.

To be really specific: the amount of alcohol in tinctures is incredibly tiny. Less than you will get from eating a few pieces of bread.

If you are taking 20 drops of a 60 percent alcohol tincture every hour for an acute condition, you will get less than 2ml of alcohol over the course of a day.

If you are taking a general dose of 20 drops three times daily, this is less alcohol than you will get from eating two slices of bread.

If alcohol is a serious problem for you, then consider alternative extracts.

Please store in a cool dark place, out of sunlight, heat & air exposure.

This product has not been evaluated by the TGA for safe internal use. It is sold as a raw botanical product for ethnobotanical research purposes only.



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