Tribe Earth Incense

Tribe Earth Incense

Product Name: Tribe Earth Incense
Ingredients: Varies (see descriptions)
Origin: Lovingly handmade Freemantle, W.A., Australia
Size: Approximately 11cm long
Weight: Approximately 8g-18g

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Out of stock


No glues. No binders. Just plants.

This handmade incense comes from Tribe Earth in Freemantle, Western Australia, only using fresh ingredients and plant materials – no essential oils or extracts, glues, toxins or additives.

“We seek to create an incense that frames the intelligence of the plants the traditional way. This means we use time proven processing methods. Grinding up the raw materials, mixing by hand into a dough, crafting into blocks then dehydrating at low temperatures.

Most of all, we want to expand the ceremony and ritual across the planet and increase our receptivity to the incredible wisdom and wildness of the plant kingdom.”

Here are the options:

Ceremony : Palo Santo

Reverence : Sandalwood, Frankincense & Myrrh

Prayer : Sandalwood, Hojari & Frankincense

Peaceful Warrior : Sandalwood & Patchouli Leaf

Dreamtime : Sandalwood & Balga

Gratitude: White Sage, Copal & Palo Santo

Pure: West Australian Sandalwood

Presence: West Australian Sandalwood & Australian Vertiver

Mystic: West Australian Sandalwood & Agarwood

River: Ever changing

Giving Tree: West Australian Sandlewood & Western Red Cedar

Bushwalk: Australian Sandlewood & Marri Tree Resin

Oak: Bridgetown, Western Australian Oak

Please store in a cool dark place, out of sunlight, heat & air exposure.

As an empowered and sovereign being, please conduct your own research, or consult your health practitioner, before deciding whether a herb is the right plant for you right now, and ensure there will be no interactions with any medications you may be using. If you are self-medicating, and have any worsening of symptoms, please stop use of the herb and seek the advice of a qualified professional.


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