Medicinal Fungi Mix || Reishi+ Lion’s Mane + Cordyceps

Medicinal Fungi Mix || Reishi+ Lion’s Mane + Cordyceps

Product name: Medicinal Fungi Mix
Ingredients: Lions Mane 13:1, Cordyceps 15:1, Reishi 10:1
Origin: Lovingly made on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
Size: 50g

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A synergistic blend of tonic mushrooms with traditional use reaching back to ancient Asia. This blend is made of potent extracts of medicinal fungi that may support your well-being, health, cognition, immune function clarity and stamina. You can add these to your morning warm beverage to start your day with an extra kick.

Reishi is the Yoda of the fungi world, the Kind of the Herbs. According to Maia Toll’s work, Reishi is not some clingy & soft mushroom, but a strong and structured gravity-defying fungi. Pointing you to your path to find your way, transforming from the inside out. An ancient fungi with thousands of years of relationship with mankind. To the Japanese culture Reishi is an “ancient goddess of health, life and eternal youth.” To ancient China it is Lingzhi, “a divine herb that energises the chi or life force.” To us it is a great ally.

Cordyceps is the ‘Winter Worm’ mushroom, growing out of the head of a caterpillar, traditionally collected by Tribesmen in the remote Himalayas. Once offering stoutness to mountain yaks and goats, this parasitic mushroom teaches one to survive the stress of alpine cold, growing above 3500m altitude.

Lion’s Mane has its origins in Japan, Korea and China. Used traditionally in folk herbalism as a tonic herb for wellbeing and vigour or boosting Qi, this mushroom offers a powerhouse of knowledge to its consumers. Its long tooth-like spines give it an extraordinary appearance.


Organic, concentrated extracts of Cordyceps sinensis 15:1, Ganoderma lucidum 10:1, Hericium erinaceus 13:1.

Please store in a cool dark place, out of sunlight, heat & air exposure.

As an empowered and sovereign being, please conduct your own research, or consult your health practitioner, before deciding whether a herb is the right plant for you right now, and ensure there will be no interactions with any medications you may be using. If you are self-medicating, and have any worsening of symptoms, please stop use of the herb and seek the advice of a qualified professional.

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