Madre Ayahuasca Flower Tincture || Banisteriopsis caapi var. Cielo

Madre Ayahuasca Flower Tincture || Banisteriopsis caapi var. Cielo

Latin name: Banisteriopsis caapi var. Cielo
Common name: Ayahuasca, Madre, Mother, Yellow vine
Family: Malpighiaceae
Origin: Lovingly made Nimbin
Part Used: Flowers
Other Ingredients: Spring water, 60% pure ethanol
Size: 30mL

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Madre refers to the Ayahuasca, meaning “Vine of the Dead” in the Quechua language, is becoming a well known brew spreading accross the world, but it’s traditional use originates in the Amazon.

Although it is called Ayahuasca, the brew most are familiar with actually contains two plants, the Ayahuasca or Caapi vine, which contains the MAOI’s needed to make the DMT in the Chakruna leaves, the other traditional main admixture plant, active.

Despite being often used in combination, the Vine itself is considered to be a powerful healer and teacher, and is often believed to be a more feminine plant. This preparation is a tincture prepared from the flowers of this plant, combined with a vibrational flower essence from this plant.

Flower essences are subtle yet powerful preparations which harness the vibrational quality of a plant’s flowers. Similar to homeopathy, whereby minute dosing of a natural substance are used, flower essences capture the pure life force of a plant through pure water and prana.

Suggested dosage: 15 drops daily in water (high ethanol) for enhanced dream activity and communication with the plant spirit. Do not combine with serotonin boosting compounds, SSRI’s, antipsychotics or other medicines that work with the serotin system.

Alcohol extracts are far superior to any other method of extraction. It extracts the most amount of the chemicals compared to any other solvent. It helps the medicine to also diffuse quickly into the bloodstream.

Alcohol is warming and medicine unto itself. To add, it also can esterify vitamins, oils and other medicinal chemicals making them more bioavailable and water soluble.

To be really specific: the amount of alcohol in tinctures is incredibly tiny. Less than you will get from eating a few pieces of bread.

If you are taking 20 drops of a 60 percent alcohol tincture every hour for an acute condition, you will get less than 2ml of alcohol over the course of a day.

If you are taking a general dose of 20 drops three times daily, this is less alcohol than you will get from eating two slices of bread.

If alcohol is a serious problem for you, then consider alternative extracts.

Please store in a cool dark place, out of sunlight, heat & air exposure.

This product has not been evaluated by the TGA for safe internal use. It is sold as a raw botanical product for ethnobotanical research purposes only.


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