Kuripe Roasted Bamboo || Rapé Self-Applicator

Kuripe Roasted Bamboo || Rapé Self-Applicator

Name: Kuripe Roasted Bamboo
Origin: Sweden
Made from: Bamboo

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Out of stock


Rapé is an aromatic blend of various plant ashes historically used in South America by shamans and healers for cleansing, healing, and grounding as well as an adjunct in shamanic rituals.

 The Kuripe self-applicator is traditionally used to administer the blend to oneself. Traditionally the snuff is applied through a bamboo or bone pipe.

These beautifully designed roasted bamboo kuripes are made of warm toned bamboo, and are size medium, meaning they fit most nostrils, but are small in size. They are covered inside and outside with a protective layer of ruby shellac, a natural product used as varnish on french furniture and violins. It comes with a matching linen pouch for storage. If the exterior is still a little sticky, just allow it to air and dry for a day.

Please note this is the kuripe pipe only, and the rapé is not included.
Sold as jewellery/art and not intended for use.


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