Kuripe Metal || Rapé Self-Applicator

Kuripe Metal || Rapé Self-Applicator

Name: Kuripe Metal
Origin: Sweden
Made from: Metal

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Out of stock


Rapé is an aromatic blend of various plant ashes historically used in South America by shamans and healers for cleansing, healing, and grounding as well as an adjunct in shamanic rituals.

The Kuripe self-applicator is traditionally used to administer the blend to oneself. This metal applicator comes with a storage bag and little snuff spoon.

“The Metal Kuripe pipe is made of copper with a chrome plating on the outside. Plating means that there is a approximately 100 micron thick layer of metal covering the base metal. The metal kuripe is decorated with three engraved stripes that associate with the three stripes of Shiva which he wears over his third eye, the area where the snuff is blown. The pieces are welded with a tin and silver alloy which withstands great forces. Unlike kuripes made from bamboo these metal kuripes can be handled extremely roughly.

It can be carried in the pocket without any concerns, be stepped on or dropped. Since its metal it can easily be cleaned and sterilized by by being dipped in boiling water. The angle of the two pieces is set by snuff connoisseurs with years of experience of kuripes of all sorts. The medium size, 10mm, is the standard and fits most noses and face sizes.”

Please note this is the kuripe pipe only, and the rapé is not included.

Sold as jewellery/art and not intended for use.


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