Heimia salicifolia Seed || Sun Opener || Sinicuichi

Heimia salicifolia Seed || Sun Opener || Sinicuichi

Latin name: Heimia salicifolia
Common name: Sinicuichi, Sun Opener
Family: Lythraceae

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Out of stock


Sinicuichi, also known as Sun Opener, is an Aztecan herb that is debated in its use historically as its effects are not very well known.

Pictured in ruins with ethnobotanical herbs in sacred sites across Central America, it is believed to be used by shamans of Aztec and Indigenous Americans. It is claimed that upon drinking a tea, one obtains golden-tinged vision in the days to follow. For some there may be auditory effects and others a deep body ache during. Used also as herbal medicine for various ailments.

A beautiful plant to grow, known for it’s vibrant yellow flowers.  It grows about 1.5m tall and likes full sun.

Seed sold for germination purposes only.

Seed for sale is not from the exact plant pictured, but similar.
Please note that there is no guarantees with seed germination. It’s best to research the plant’s needs & any specific techniques before hand.

Disclaimer: This is not an image of the actual seed, each seed packet will differ from this stock seed image.

These seeds are sold for cultivation & propagation purposes only.


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