Calea zacatechichi || Calea ternifolia || Mexican Dream Herb Plant

Calea zacatechichi || Calea ternifolia || Mexican Dream Herb Plant

Latin name: Calea zacatechichi/ternifolia

Common name: Calea, Mexican Dream Herb

Family: Asteraceae

Origin: Organically home grown and loved in the Sunshine Coast, QLD

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“Longing to see you, when you feel so far
I know I can find you in my mind’s eye; Calea
In the dreaming, you will see me
As another fragment of this here matrix, of this reality

There’s a dream within a dream, and when the veil is thin

You can look right through and step right in

Just got to wake on up and step right in”

Calea, also known as Mexican dream herb, is a historically a great divinatory tool and plant ally in Mesoamerica reputedly used by the Chontal Maya people indigenous to Oaxca.

Drunk traditionally as a fresh or dried leaf tea, or smoked as dry herb using the aerials, the plant reportedly increases dream activity, dream recall, and has the potential to induce lucid dreaming by creating a vivid journey with the psyche through dream communication.

Calea has been described as a cognodysleptic and oneirogenic plant. Its chemical make up is largely understudied; alkaloids have been found. It has bitter qualities and has been used in Mexican folk medicine to aid in respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders.

Calea is a hardy plant that can tolerate the dry, and enjoys lots of sun and water, which will help it to grow into a tall woody bush with beautiful aromatic essential oils.

Plant for sale is not the exact one pictured, but similar.

Care for your plants: should the plant arrive stressed, email a photo within 2 days of receiving. I suggest a stress dose of SeaSol, and a part-shady, part-sunny warm location.

This plant is sold as a live specimen for propagation purposes only.


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