Brugmansia spp. || Angel’s Trumpet Plant

Brugmansia spp. || Angel’s Trumpet Plant

Latin name: Brugmansia spp.

Common name: Angel’s Trumpet

Family: Solanaceae

Origin: Organically home grown and loved in the Sunshine Coast, QLD

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Toé; buffer the booay
You keep the wyld from the tame
Unable to be contained yourself
The watchmen

The seductress
As night falls you open
As eyes close you blossom
Curator of the unseen
Jungle keeper
An unbridled archivist of mysteries too quick to see

Brugmansia, also known as Angel’s trumpet or Toé traditionally, is a beautiful flowering tree, which smells divine at night time, when it flowers. This particular species flowers white.

The Toé plant contains atropine, scopolamine and hyoscyamine, powerful alkaloids that are known to be both medicinal and poisonous. This plant is sometimes confused with datura, explaining its other common name tree datura, which contains a similar alkaloid composition.

Traditionally, Brugmansia has been considered a scared visionary plant and used throughout South & Central Americas for medicine, witchcraft and in ceremony. It is revered and respected as a master plant teacher, usually only turned to in severe situations where other plants have not succeeded. It is used for dieta or the training of a shaman/curandero. It is sometimes used an admixture for rapé snuffs and ayahuasca brews in some Amazonian cultures.

Worldwide, the crushed seeds have been added to alcoholic beverages throughout history for ritual & recreation. It is a poisonous plant, and must be treated with respect.

Brugmansia enjoys lots of sun and water, and will grow into a huge towering bush with plenty of trumpet flowers hanging down. They are tolerant of the cold, but do not thrive in it, nor the wind.

Plant for sale is not the exact one pictured, but similar.

Care for your plants: should the plant arrive stressed, email a photo within 2 days of receiving. I suggest a stress dose of SeaSol, and a part-shady, part-sunny warm location.

This plant is sold as a live specimen for propagation purposes only.

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