Brugmansia Flower Essence || Ecuadorian Pink

Brugmansia Flower Essence || Ecuadorian Pink

Latin name: Brugmansia spp. cultivar Ecuadorian pink
Common name: Brugmansia, Ecuadorian pink, Angel’s trumpet
Family: Solanaceae
Origin: Australia
Part Used: Flowers
Other Ingredients: Cooroy Mountrain spring water, 15% pure ethanol
Size: 30mL

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The flowers of Brugmansia, also known as Toé, are enchanting in both appearance and scent, the flowers appearing like a large angelic hanging bell; in this particular cultivar, Ecuadorian pink, spending its flowering time a beautiful rich pink colour.

The Brugmansia is considered to be a very powerful plant teacher which promotes connection with nature beings and initiates powerful journeys into the spirit world.

This plant is approached with the utmost respect, as incorrect use can easily result in madness or even death. That is why a flower essence is a more appropriate way to work with Brugmansia.

Flower essences are subtle yet powerful preparations which harness the vibrational quality of a plant’s flowers. Similar to homeopathy, whereby minute dosing of a natural substance is used, flower essences capture the pure life force of a plant through pure water and prana.

EntheoBotanica’s flower essences focus on capturing the tone and vitality of entheogenic plants by using alive water, pure ethanol, & crystal glassware with a high refractive index to bend and capture light. All together this aims to remove interference between you and the plant, allowing the water to be a clear interface for an unobstructed vegetal-human relation.

This product is prepared from home grown flora, prepared from sunlight, local Cooroy Mountain spring water, and preserved in 15% pure ethanol.

Suggested dosage: 7 drops morning & night for enhanced communication with the plant spirit

Store in cool, dark place


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